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The second-hand smoking fraud

The smoking ban in Europe has been introduced because authorities have accepted information from the anti-smoking organisations at face value. This has created a second-hand smoking fraud, in order to influence public opinion.

Many lies have been published by anti-smoking organisations. They have invented stories of second-hand smoke causing thousands of fatalities, but these stories have never been proven scientifically and they are based on nothing.

Moreover, the lies of anti-smoking organisations have been financed with public funds, subsidies and massive capital injections by the pharmaceutical multi-nationals that are involved in the nicotine market.

In a detailed summary, as well as the complete survey report, the World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that no relationship could be found between second-hand smoke and lung cancer or cardiovascular diseases. The largest investigation ever regarding second-hand smoke (Enstrom & Kabat, BMJ 2003) is being viciously attacked by anti-smoking organisations, who personally attack investigators and exclude them from the medical community. Scientific arguments are not employed in order to achieve this goal.

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