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Private Investment Fund Horecaclaim

If the State of the Netherlands (or other European states) will not agree to a compensation payment for HoReCa, enough resources are available through the Private Investment Fund Horecaclaim for a claim against the State.

A professional claim organization has been created. “The authorities win almost all the battles against citizens, because citizens don’t have the time nor the resources to successfully engage in the struggle. We have the resources, so the authorities cannot ‘fumigate’ us,” says Frederick Matthaei.

In the next months, the Private Investment Fund Horecaclaim will be enlarged in order to create a Horecaclaim organization in each European country, to enable its participants to give financial support to the battle against the smoking ban and to finance legal proceedings in the European Union throughout Europe. The Fund investors are all wealthy people. The Investment Fund is not public, and people can only participate on an invitation basis. So far everyone who has been invited has participated in the Investment Fund.

Besides an attractive ROCE (return on capital employed) all investors are convinced that authorities throughout Europe are destroying citizens’ culture. HoReCa also believes that the smoking ban is not fair on hard-working independent pub operators and is taking the bread out of their mouths. The smoking ban policy is simply incorrect. Entrepreneurs should be able to decide for themselves whether or not to admit smoking on their own HoReCa company premises. All Fund investors believe that the authorities should take responsibility if measures taken turn out to be mistakes that cause damage, just as when measures taken in private industry turn out to be errors, the damages need to be compensated.

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